How to Choose the Best Hosting

As is known, the website is never separated from hosting. These two packages are complete packages that can support the performance of your website, so that you can further improve the performance of your website and achieve the goals you want to achieve. How to Choose the Best Hosting.

There are many hosting options out there. Starting from shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting to VPS hosting. All of these services have their own strengths and weaknesses that are tailored to their needs.

So how do you choose the best hosting for your website? Below is a collection of instructions and tips for choosing the best hosting for your website.

The best hosting can be said to meet the following criteria:

1. Speed
A good hosting should have fast and high performance that supports server performance. Be aware of several factors such as bandwidth, storage capacity or storage (preferably with SSD technology), plugin optimization.

2. Security
This should be taken into account when choosing the best hosting for your website. Equipped with SSL, protection from DDoS attacks and malware, website security. This becomes very important to avoid unwanted things on your website.

3. Service
Before confirming the hosting you have chosen, we recommend that you pay attention to the support services provided by your hosting provider, such as live chat, email, and 24/7 telephone support. This is meant to ensure that if something goes wrong with your website, you can deal with it quickly.

4. Uptime
Make sure your website provider promises 99.9% uptime to keep your website up and running.

5. Scalability
Good hosting, besides being able to support website performance, also helps to improve and achieve your website goals so that your website also grows. Choose a hosting provider that offers a variety of packages tailored to your needs.

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Apart from the several factors above, you also need to pay attention to the following things how to choose the best hosting for your website.
1. Adjust to the Use and Type of Website
The first is to adapt it to your needs. What kind of website would you like to create? Do you want to use it personally or do you want lots of people to use it? Is this website intended for business or community? Or you want to develop an online business website to create an online store or e-commerce?

All of the above should be carefully considered beforehand. Set your goal to find what you need. Because each hosting has different criteria that are tailored to your needs and goals.

2. Determine the Platform You Want to Use
The second way to choose the best hosting is to first decide which platform to use. For blogging, you can use WordPress which is already widely used by many people around the world. WordPress is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Other platforms available are Joomla, WIX, Drupal, and other CMS platforms. Hosting is also available on various platforms of your choice. However, we recommend that you choose a hosting that is specific to your platform.

For example, if your website uses WordPress, we recommend using WordPress Hosting, which can further improve the performance of your website.

3. Pay Attention to Potential Website Traffic
Does your website have the potential to have high traffic? Then you are not recommended to use shared hosting.

Especially when it comes to online stores, news portals and websites that have lots of visitors every day. Determine hosting with large and fast resources so that the website does not have the potential to go down when there is high traffic.
If for personal documentation, portfolio or blog, you can use shared hosting or hosting with small and medium capacities.

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4. Location of Target Website Visitors
Do the majority of your website visitors come from Indonesia? Therefore, it is advisable to choose a hosting provider that has server and data center locations in Indonesia. Some hosting companies have servers or data centers overseas, so first check your website’s target audience or audience before choosing.

This is to keep your website speed stable. What’s more, if you have a problem with your website, you can deal with it without any problems and it doesn’t take long for the support team to fix the problem.

5. Adjust the Website’s Features and Content
The ease of use of a website affects the functionality and content provided. If your website is for personal use, it doesn’t need a lot of features.

Then adjust it to the website content that you see. Great website content isn’t just about writing, it’s about images, videos, animations and more.

If your website is a company website, news site or online store, the features offered are more complex and varied. The more features and content you have, the more resources or capacity you need.

6. Hosting Capacity
Back to the point above, hosting capacity affects your website. The more features and website content, the more hosting capacity you need. This is so that hosting can store important files and databases that are needed and can be accessed at any time.

Each website has a different capacity. So decide wisely before choosing hosting. Also make sure it fits your needs.

7. Hosting Performance Quality
Who doesn’t want quality hosting? Of course, quality should be considered when choosing the best hosting for your website. To improve the performance of your website, find out which features support your website’s performance. You need to pay attention to every aspect, not just speed and security.

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8. Adjust Price and Budget
This is an important factor, don’t let you buy hosting outside your budget limit. Now there are many hosting packages provided by hosting companies that are cheap. You can also check the hosting promos offered, who knows you can get a price that fits your budget.

9. Pay Attention to Reviews
One of the important things before choosing the best hosting, does the hosting provider have good and satisfactory reviews? It’s a good idea to ask the closest people who use this service so they can convince you to choose the best hosting.

In addition, you can also see reviews on the internet such as from Google My Business. Or if it’s still not convincing, you can see reviews from several hosting reviews such as from WHTop, Host Advice, Website Planet and other reviews.

10. Reliable Support Service
Last but not least, choose a hosting provider that has a responsive and reliable support service. This makes it easier for you if you have trouble so that it is assisted by an experienced technical team.

You can also ask questions about the hosting you want to use with a 24/7 service team you can contact. This makes it easier for you to understand the services you will use for your website.

After reading this, are you still confused about choosing a good hosting for your website?

Thus our post this time about How to Choose the Best Hosting. Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you will find it useful. Thank you!

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